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Design Process


Our established design framework gives structure to projects and allows us to focus on providing a tailored service throughout each phase of the design process.

1. Discovery


The beginning of each project starts with a complimentary consultation. This is our first opportunity to explore unique design visions and begin to understand the client’s style, personality, preferences and objectives. A special emphasis is placed on the flow and function of the space, and we will seek to identify any specific threads that may run throughout the project and inspire the design direction. A site visit will then take place at the earliest opportunity, helping us solidify the brief and begin the creative process.

2. Space Planning & Design Concept


Upon review of the design insights gathered from the discovery phase, our creative team will prepare tailored concepts for our client’s consideration.

Sketches and layout options will be presented, and the project will be assessed with a view to optimize space, improve functionality and highlight any exceptional architectural features.

This fluid stage represents an important time to explore concepts until the most suitable design direction has been established.

3. Design Development


Drawing on our international design knowledge, our team looks to develop and refine the scheme at this stage of the process. Details such as colour palette, furniture and fixings, material choices and lighting arrangements will be carefully considered. Any flooring options, wall claddings and bespoke objects may also be explored at this point. Our focus on quality and meticulous attention to detail plays a vital role during this stage.

Communication is also of paramount importance and we seek to engage with our clients, encouraging feedback until the perfect design is achieved.

4. Procurement


A procurement list is essential for effective project management and helps all parties better understand the budget and design direction. Our aim is to create clear communication and a transparent purchasing service. Once completed, each agreed upon item will be ordered according to the installation schedule.

5. Final Approval


This stage marks the completion of our design development phase and the transition into project realisation. Our tailored proposal represents the best choices for each space and has been thoughtfully considered to enrich the design vision.

Each element is proposed through a selection of sketches, 3D visualisations, material samples and photography.

This detailed presentation enables our clients to experience and approve their new environment before any physical changes have been made.

6. Technical Design


The success of our interior architecture and interior design projects can be traced to the preparation of accurate technical drawings and site plans. These are the blueprints for each project that enable the chosen contractors to work efficiently and precisely.

7. Installation and Dressing


The project culminates in this exciting moment when our client’s design vision is transformed into reality. Each element is delivered and expertly installed, and the rich details of the project are realized.


Once the dressing is complete, we will walk through and review the property to ensure each client is perfectly satisfied in their new environment.

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